7/10/09 12;23 - Slicer - food for thought

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7/10/09 12;23 - Slicer - food for thought

Post  HiArt on Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:21 am


Thanks for your mail this morning.

I won't offer to help with the spreadsheets as you're far better with excel than me, but I will try and fire a few ideas at you from time to time if you don't mind. (I'm self employed so have quiet periods during the day). If there's anything you'd like me to investigate, then please shout.

I don't think using a different market will help as there are too many bots out there scalping differences in markets for there to be significant inefficiencies.

Two points to start:

Firstly I don't know whether Kev sent you copies of the emails he had from slicer. The following is interesting:
his reply to:
Ok good to know!! Luckily i didn't give away too much!

I only know of 2 games you covered using your method,
one of 'em was russia - spain.

See my file attached,
i was compairing the odds and theor movements,

You're saying that Bet 2 from my side,
has a similar effect.
My Bet 2 being: Laying 1 goal or more @1.09 and backing at HT @1.29.

So my next best guess would be:
your bet 2 being: Backing NO GOAL at @9.00, laying at HT @3.00

So to have an overview we have:
Bet 1: Lay HT 0-0
Bet 2: Back FT 0-0 and back NO GOAL

At HT if 0-0:
Adjust Bet 2, meaning laying NO GOAL, and let FT 0-0 run?

Am i on the right track? :-)

Thanks and kind regards,
Kevin Van Vreckem


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