7/10/09 07:35 - Journal of a live game using the system.

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7/10/09 07:35 - Journal of a live game using the system.

Post  HiArt on Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:18 am


Wow - they don't get games like that in the Premiership - 5 sent off!!

I'm glad you got out of it with a profit, Ali!

Some observations:

i) Get yourself a copy of the gruss Betting Assistant software - free for 30 days if you haven't used it before (then £6 pcm). It will allow you to play for 1p stakes.

ii) 5 sendings off and two goals will mean the market is suspended at least seven times - difficult for a bot?

iii) you need more liquidity than this imo.

iv) Your liability at HT was £23.79 + £57.16 - £80.51 = 44p on 0-0
and £91.04 on 1 goal (at which point you trade out for a profit but not at 1.4).

v) Late first goals are going to kill this. I'm surprised that at after the goal at 78 minutes the under 1.5 was still quite so low. But then this was a very unusual game due to the sendings off, so perhaps this is abnormal.




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