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“I have been looking again at the spreadsheet. Cells I10 and J10 can't be right, can they?

I think the lay figure in D10 has been omitted?”

Sorry they were some old play-dough just lying around and causing confusion.

Apart from K10 (Winnings /2)) Line 10 should be ignored. I will tidy the spreadsheet up tomorrow (after I get back from the Doctors) and re-issue. The formula in K10 should read

Unfortunately, none of the meagre offerings for in-play ended 0-0 tonight, or even close! I will try to grab some more data tomorrow. I will also try and get the data on games we know Slicer bet on, and maybe a recent 0-0 or two.

“I was going to run this a few times on lower stakes, basically so i could more or less do it without thinking, but when I input the initial back nil nil ft stake at £20.00, we end up with a negative if FT score is anything apart from nil nil, 0-1, and 1-0.

Am I doing something wrong with it?”

Not really. To make this work the formula in E15 had an arbitrary £50 adjustment, that’s all.

If you reduce the initial stake this figure doesn’t alter.

So, if you reduce your stakes to, say £20. i.e. 1/5th of £100, try reducing this figure by 1/5th, to say £10. I think that will do it for you.

When I rework the spreadsheet I will try to make this figure change as well. I want to see if we can balance the figures up a wee bit, but as we don’t know the odds when the goal is scored this could be a little bit challenging! For now we will have to input stakes and odds manually, so we need a slick template. Only worth doing this though once we know we have a goer.

Lastly, are we happy we have got everyone who contributed? I, for one, do not want to reward the lurkers. Collectively we put some effort in this, and I want to see some reward. If everyone did this the value would soon disappear, and some numpty will have it on eBay for £299. But I am happy for a few more people to be included if they helped us.

Always assuming we have cracked it of course Wink



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