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“I can dutch to a stake but not to a profit, d'oh.”

OK, to dutch for a profit you dutch a stake of £100. It can be any sum but £100 is nice and round.

Let’s say this returns a profit of 13.75.

If you want to make £50 profit, we now know £100 returns £13.75, so divide 50 by 13.75 (=3.54). So 100 * 3.64 (£364) is the stake required to return £50.

Once you know the total stake, working out the individual stakes becomes straight-forward 

Secondly, I have looked at the data from Russia/Spain

The Under/Over 1.5 Goals market went suspended at 20:54:20, at that time Under was 1.62 to back and 1.64 to lay and Over was 2.58 and 2.6

Immediately after the market became active the under prices were 1.01 and 3.55. The prices rose from this point for a while to 3.75/3.8 until eventual dropping to 2.54/2.6 just before the 2nd goal. AT NO POINT were they under 1.2 . Sorry if this pisses on the parade my friend.

Also, I think you have neglected the cost of the losing dutch bets if the score remains 0-0. Hopefully the attached spreadsheet makes sense. This is for the Russia game.



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